Digital Business Transformation Outlaws

An Outlaw approach for transformations

The Outlaws is a small and agile strategy consulting firm supporting in your business transformation from a digital perspective.

Business Strategy & Execution

We challenge your (digital) strategy and check your (financial) performance

Innovation & Roadmapping

We build the (digital) innovation journey together.

Legacy Modernization

We support you in defining an executable plan to modernize your architecture

Change Management

We support you in user adoption of your transformation.

Why should you transform?

All transformations require you to redefine how your business creates value today and in the future. In an era of disruption and many industries in turbulence, it is key to unlock new opportunities and new business models to drive growth.

Making transformation simple

“Who dares, asks!” The Outlaws challenge the status quo; they ask the necessary question you don’t want to be asked. As a result, they add value, have impact, keep things simple and celebrate success together with you!

Besides together with our clients understanding and improving their financial performance, areas where technological innovation can be “pushed”, determining where legacy needs to be modernized and how culture needs to be “changed/aligned”. The Outlaws get you prepared and up and running to transform your business and ultimately disrupt your industry together with you.

Our tailored transformation approach delivers real value for our clients by increasing efficiency, improving operational excellence, becoming the digital player of tomorrow by creating a sustainable future proof organization.


The Outlaws is a small and agile strategy consulting firm supporting in your business transformation from a digital perspective. They help you improve your performance on all levels and deliver lasting changes to make sure you have a futureproof (digital) strategy and a plan on HOW to execute. The Outlaws consists of experts who have been in the transformation and digital space for a lifetime and are supported by an ecosystem of several niche services required to succeed in your transformation. They all eat transformation, disruption and cultural change for breakfast!

Who we have helped

(And many more...)
A large telecom operator

One of the largest Dutch telecom operators was to build a strategy and roadmap including revised architecture, financial plan, business change plan and was also seeking for execution of their digital transformation for their business market. Due to the complex governance (due to acquisitions and a large partner network) and its ecosystem strong leadership and capability to “force” and lead business change was strongly preferred. The Outlaws were asked to lead the strategic change, including the execution of the technical transformation.

A government institute

A Dutch government institute was to build a 2020/2022 strategy for their financial department. Facing a technical landscape which was highly outdated, they found momentum to investigate if there was business potential and appetite to implement a more robust, long-term sustainable platform. The Outlaws were asked to build their strategy, future architectural blueprint, a plan on how to execute and change their way of working.

A tech scale-up

A blockchain services start-up had the need to get from start-up to scale-up mode. A sustainable go-to market was required, including positioning of all services and products in the space of blockchain and digital transformation. The Outlaws were asked to setup their sales and marketing, and push for their first enterprise clients within several industries.

A M&A case at a telecom operator

A British telecom operator acquired several Dutch branches to grow their non-UK footprint. Facing a scattered (CRM) technical landscape which was highly outdated, they had the need to define a strategy and roadmap to merge teams, processes and technology. The Outlaws were asked to a 2021/2023 strategy and roadmap for their client focused activities.

A large energy retailer

A Dutch energy retailer with an international owner had the need to transform their business operating model to reduce churn, increase revenue and reduce their cost to serve. The Outlaws were asked to get their strategic greenfield program into the next gear. By redefining their go-to market, including positioning of all services and products, implementing a greenfield technology platform, redefining their processes and tackling the cultural change we supported them in transforming their business from a digital perspective.

Industries we help into transformation

Examples of how major industries are benefitting from transformation

Energy & Utilities

The digital utility of tomorrow serves clients fully online and will shift to a non-commodity player in order to stay competitive. Selling into the “homes” of clients is just one of the new business models enabled.

Use cases include:

- Prosumer & CX
- Digital Asset Management
- The automated back office


Through transformation the telecom sector is able to address key industry issues surrounding IoT, 5G, improved (omni-channel) customer experience and lastly enter new vertical markets.

Use cases include:

- New vertical markets
- Service revolution
- Omni-channel CX

Supply Chain & Logistics

Enabling greater insight, inventory control, enhanced data monetization and enhanced integration within the ecosystem are results of a transformation. Resulting in operational excellence and cost efficiency.

Use cases include:

- Supply Chain Ecosystems
- Real-time track and trace
- Supply chain control tower

And many more...

Whilst each industry has different drivers and challenges, laying the foundation for transformation is often very similar. Whatever your business challenge, we are here to help.