Through transformation the telecom sector can address key industry issues surrounding IoT, 5G, improved (omni-channel) customer experience and lastly enter new vertical markets.

Use cases include:

  • New vertical markets
  • Service revolution
  • Omni-channel CX


Successful telecom players do not rest on their laurels, they need to act in upgrading their IT and connectivity industry. But at the same time restructuring business models, differentiating product and service offerings and trying to seek profitable niche segments. This everything in a market where resellers are more and more adding more value towards end customers. Given a more “partnerized” landscape it is key to enable their partner enablement by adding value in the added value partners are adding.

  • Network modernization
  • M&A, joint ventures and partnerships
  • Product simplification
  • Digital business models and services
  • Cost control and operational excellence

Studies tell us that sales channels within telecom operators could represent up to 45% of total OPEX. More than enough opportunity for creating efficiency within specifically the area of sales and customer care. But as many other industries mature telecom operators grew by acquisition, dragging along too much legacy. Causing time consuming challenges to push innovation and new business models, but also forcing making strategic decisions within the business. It causes segmenting more towards B2B or B2C, which products do we keep on offering, which products and clients do we let go. In this respect business strategy should guide the digital transformation. Where often technology is pushed, resulting in new innovative technology, but again servicing legacy products and clients. Result, not a decrease in OPEX but an increase, due not being able to decommission legacy.