Today’s automotive are is trying to spin several strategic plates. To evolve they need to switch from ”business as usual” to “business as unusual”. Data is the new gold within this industry.

Use cases include:

  • Mobility-as-a-service
  • Connected supply chain
  • Predictive maintenance


Since data is the new gold within the automotive industry. It enables new opportunities where customers are more centric, operations is more streamlined and where a different eco system arises. Whether we look at typical OEM’s or players in connected services like leasing companies the momentum to change is now. Consider your new business in the newer generation who will thrive the sharing economy but are also the always digitally connected natives. Reasoning to transform, not tomorrow but today, after transformation automotive should be able to utilize the following key streams into their future disruption:

  • Platforms to enable new business models
  • Connected car data
  • Supply chain optimization
  • Usage of connected car data
  • Asset driven vs. data driven

We therefore see that the existing automotive sales and distribution models is increasingly disconnected from the needs of its customers. This need is not different than other industries, an urge to define an omni-channel strategy and way of working is of the essence.

A link towards different industries can also be made here. A stronger integration between utilities and telco’s is required to move more into the space of electric vehicles. Where charging and the usage of real time IoT data is required to shape new service strategies.

Lastly the impact of all disruptions combined forces the eco system to align better. A shift in more customer/data driven supply chain from OEM to customer is required in order to meet new customer needs. From a service perspective, real time IoT data is forcing maintenance companies to act more predictive towards customers.